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This journal is now inactive, I have a new account under the username of shoobun.

This journal is friends only, which means you can only read it if I add you as a friend.

Want to be added? Add me first and leave a comment here with me your name, where you find my journal and, if possible, show a picture of yourself.
I will not add you if you don't update your journal, unless I know you.
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Sales post

Behind the cut bellow you will find articles I'm selling.
Atrás do cut abaixo vão encontrar artigos que estou a vender.

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Entrego em mão na zona do porto.
Não comentem a pedir informação só para "marcar" intresse na peça.
Assuntos offtopic: septicxshock@hotmail.com
Prioridade: Para quem pagar primeiro, no caso de duas ou mais pessoas tiverem as mesma disponibilidade de pagamento então o artigo ficará para quem fizer a melhor oferta no prazo de 24h, sendo as ofertas minimas 20% do preço original do artigo)
Envio à cobrança mediante o pagamento antecipado dos portes que não será devolvido na eventualidade da encomenda não ser levantada.
Não me responsabilizo por extravios ou danos durante o envio, aconcelho por tanto envio registado e em embalagens seguras.
Faço reservas mediante o pagamento de um sinal não reembolsavel no caso de desistência.
Não aceito devoluções, por isso peçam todas as informações extra que acharem necessarias, isto claro se tiverem verdadeira intenção de comprar.
Não deixem conversas a meio!
Envio às Segundas.
Podem fazer ofertas.
Podem pagar em varias vezes. (no caso de escolherem faze-lo tenham em conta que se mudarem de ideias os depositos já feitos não serão devolvidos pelas razões obvias)

Payment in Euro only
I only deal through standart bank transfer in Euro because I don't have Paypal
I ship Worldwide from Portgal
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Have you bought something from me or sold me something?

If so, please leave your opinion and feedback here, feel free to add a personal comment rather than just stating if the feedback is positive, negative or neutral.

Anonymous comments are not valid here and are therefore screened, sorry.

Podem deixar também comentários em português, caso não se sintam à vontade com o inglês, apenas peço que as palavras "positive", "neutral" e "negative" se mantenham para que todos possam compreender facilmente.

Positive as a buyer: 14
Positive as a seller: 6
Neutral: 0
Negative: 0

Aditionally, you can double-check my feedback here:
This is not as complete because it only reffers to sales/purchases through the egl_sales_comm, and the feedback page was down for a while so this post covered for it.

Thank you!
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New Journal!

So I finally got around to crating a new account, as much as I didn't want to give this one up, because it is so old and there are so many memories in this journal, my username is just too annoying.

So, please add shoobun, my new account</font>.

Thank you!
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My friend Maya died last evening.
She was my only friend here and someone I really connected with, she was happy and sweet, and overall great company.
Her boyfriend and her had just moved in to their own apartment this year, and she moved in for good (she was working in another town so she couldn't be here all the time) a couple of weeks ago (she was living in this town for an even shorter time than me). Their life together was just starting, and they were such a great couple; always happy and laughing.
She always welcomed me over to her house, we would watch horror movies together and talk for hours, I was so happy to have met such a friend.
Moving here was hard for me, because I left all my friends and family behind; having Maya as a friend really made this place feel like home.

There is so much we didn't do and so much we had planned: the trip to Amsterdam, watching all the X-Files series together, concerts, events... She will me very missed and I will always remember her as the good friend she was and would surely have been.

She was only 24 years old.
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Strange nightmare

It's the second time in a row I have a nightmare in which someone kidnaps my cat Mia (the one I'm taking to Holland).
They ask for money in exchange and I have a hard time getting my parents to take me to the place, in the nightmare, my parents keep doing random things instead of taking me.

I think the first time I got the cat back, last night I woke up before it was over and my cat was sleeping right next to me as always.

She also ate on of my circle lenses the other day (WHYYYY!?!?!?) because it fell on her after I took it off. That's what hapens when atention whore cats are always starving for atention when I'm busy.

As far as my illness goes, I took a penicilin shot and I calculated my fertile period because now the pill isn't as effective.
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It seems this is it: 29 days for me to move to Holland!
In less than a month I'll be leaving my country so I can be together with my boyfriend. So if anyone wants to meet to say goodbye, you know how much time you have haha
Danny left today after spending one and a half weeks with me, I'm going to miss him as always (already am) but it was the last time we had to say goodbye like this, which is a cheerful thought :)
I NEED to get my Driver's License by the 22nd of June :o I only have 10 classes though haha

Needless to say I'm really excited and anxious. I'm taking on of my cats with me, Mia, and I'm nervous about getting everything right for her to travel. I wonder how much of my lolita wardrobe I'll be able to take with me this first time? haha
I'm not the kind of person who is comfotable with crushing 300€ dresses together though, so we'll see.

Also, I will need to mail my parasol, because it doesn't fit in my bag and I don't want it being thrown around with other luggage. I'm still trying to figure something out for this.

This weekend I got in the middle of yet another at fight, Mia tried to climb my leg to reach Erika who jumped off me. The results are not pretty.

Meanwhile, I'm broke, so I'll attempt to sell some stuff. I'll just keep telling myself this will make moving easier ;_____;
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I need someone from America to help me out with this

I want to get the God of War III Ultimate Collectors Edition, but the version that you get in America for 99.99$. There will be a European release but it's 200 euros and all I really want is the Pandora's box.
I tried to find a shopping service or an exporter but there are no exporters and shopping services charge more for the service than what the item costs.

So what I need is for someone to get this for me and send it, I would obviously pay the person for this.

Please help me out here! I want to surprise my boyfriend with it :)
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