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Olá! My name is Ana and I'm a 19 year old portuguese girl who loves animals and is currently living in The Netherlands; I'm very in to fashion and I don't stick to a particular trend, though lolita is my style of choice.
This is me It's hard to describe myself as my ideas change and evolve constantly, few things about me remain the same. So every once in a while I am forced to delete all of this and re-write it because this stops making sense! Of course a lot remains the same; I love animals and I stand up for animal rights (though I do not support the idea that everyone should turn vegan, just that animals deserve respect) I love expresing myself, my means of choice for doing so are mostly fashion and drawing. Although I seem to have a problem with actually completing a drawing because I get bored or forget it at some point. I learn fast and languages are my best area, Math is my weakness and I hate it deeply, I never got good grades at it, so I leave it to the pro's and focus on my awesome power of languages ;D I speak fluent english and spanish, I understand and get around in german, frencg and italian.
I have a weakness for all things useless and cute. My room is filled with random useless stuff, like plushies, Sanrio merchandize, children's accessories... It's insane. My fascination with fashion doesn't mean that's all I think or talk about, we can have a conversation about almost everything. Although, I'm not the kind of person who will talk about something I know nothing about, if that's the case I'll come right out and tell you, I won't base a conversation on hear-say opinions.
READ THIS: You might find your self wondering about my strange username, please do your best to ignore it. I choose it 4 years ago, I never thought I'd keep this for so long so I didn't put much throught in to an intelligent name that represented me. It dates back to my goffic VF using times and it says nothing about who I am in the present. I don't want to delete this lj and create a new one because meanwhile this became kind of a real journal for me an I don't want to delete my memories. Give me cake!
If you have any questions go ahead and ask, I won't be offended. I am a very hard person to offend or annoy. I'll probably accept you as a lj friend, but I don't accept people who glorify their drug use (I have nothing to do with your lifestyle choices but don't rub it in my face) or that disrrespect animals. If you want to get to know me you can send me a personal message, e-mail or even add me to your MSN messenger, just ask first so I won't reject you thinking you're a middle aged man who wants to get some off the internets.
Some of my favorite hobbies are watching movies and playing video games! My favorites movies are The Gofather (I, II), Tale of Two Sisters, Blade Runner, Star Wars(mostly III and IV), RAN, THX 1138, The Ring (japanese), Kairo, The Matrix, and many more that I'll probably feel stupid for not remembering later on.
I would like to say that although I do apreciate japanese culture, I am not a weabo, I've been intrested in it since a very young age, although my intrest in modern japanese culture recently, untill maybe about 5 years ago I was only intrested in ancient and traditional Japan. I don't own a sigle manga because a)they're stupifyingly expensive and b)I'm not a fan to be honest. I'm also not crazy about anime, I've only watched a few and I can't say a especifically like the anime "genre", I like it if it's good, to me anime is just like regular cinema. I also dislike japanese music, I've only heard 2 or 3 japanese songs I kind of liked. Honestly I think music is something the japanese are not good at, and I also truly believe that most westerns who claim to like japanese music are doing it because they're morons looking for acceptance. So no, I'm not a weabo, I dislike or ignore most of what weabos like and I am honestly very annoyed by them. So, what do I like about This is mejapan after all? Pop culture, street fashion, ancient culture and their mentality in some aspects such as work or family life. I also enjoy the language, but I am fascinated by languages in general so that's nothing special. Other languages I'd like to learn too are russian, italian, mandarin and latin. But I can't learn them all so out of those I've chosen japanese to be the next language I'll be trying to learn! ♥
Something I really hate about the japanese though is their apparent lack of sensibility towards animals.
I am also very intrested in the Mayan culture, the baroque era and american culture. I like american food and some american movies, I also like several aspects of the american way of life. What I do not like about America is that most americans on the internet are mean and the first to leave the ironic and arrogant comment on a post. I also hate how they insult europeans forgetting they descend mostly from europeans. Well in general it just seems as though american people tend to be a little insultive *sad* but I don't generalize and I won't treat you bad untill you treat me bad too, mhmm! I would like to visit some parts or the U.S. some day.
In the E.U., my favorite country is probably Italy. The food, the people, the weather, the language, everything seems awsome although I haven't had the chance to visit.
As far as my own country is concerned, I like it too. The people are nice and so is the weather, when you get tired of rain the sun comes and when you get tired of the sun the winter is here again. Our history is very intresting and my city (Porto) is great and has lot of potential, and I blame the waste of this potential not so much on the government but more on the lack of faith, negative atitute and lazyness of a great part of the portuguese population. Sadly, most portuguese are just not motivated and have a passive way of going through life.

Pink, cats, bunnies, elegant gothic lolita, history, Japan, tv series (X-Files, Family Guy, American Dad, Desperate Housewives, How I Met your Mother, Seinfeld...) cartoons, movies (Star Wars, Hellevator, Ringu, Tale of Two Sisters, Kairo, Cypher, Shutter...) lace, shoes, Hello Kitty, glitter, BtSSB, Angelic Pretty, philosophy, realistic art, rococo, baroque, detailed clothing and accessories, fruits, decoration, victorian clothing, animals, animal rights, deco-den, decora, cakes, baking, drawing...

Creepy old men, being interrupted while I'm reading, people staring at what Im writting/drawing, being stared at, insults, rude people, bad clothes, crappy hair, outdated shoes, women with no self respect, men who can't respect women, bad cosplay, ignorance, passive agressiveness, steriotypes...

Suicide Commando, 9Gats Black Out, Kokusyoku Sumire, Mono No Aware, NachtMahr, Funker Vogt, Grendel, FabrikC, Esplendor Geometrico, Agonoize, Wumpscut, Tumor, Noisuf-x, The Prodigy, Xotox, Tactical Sekt, God Module, SHNARPH!, Panzer Division, SITD, Spetsnaz, Hocico, Combichrist, Feindflug, X-Fusion, Terrorfakt, Rammstein, Kiew, Psyclon Nine, Reaper, The Retrosic, Dulce Liquido, Das Ich, Amduscia, Nana Kitade, Ozzy Osbourne, Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Strauss etc...

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